There are a number of configurations we find on student devices that cause their microphone to not function in Zoom. Here are a few things students should look at when the microphone isn't working.

Suggestion #1: Reboot the computer

The most common fix we find for a student is that their computer needs to be rebooted. To reboot the computer students should select the "Start" button, select "Power," then "Restart."

Suggestion #2: Allow Microphone access in Zoom

If a student didn't properly setup their sound when joining the Zoom meeting this may cause the microphone to function. Students should be following our guide titled "How to Join a Zoom Meeting From Web Browser" when joining meetings. To correct this issue, click the lock icon in the address bar. Next location microphone and click the pull down menu to select allow. Click out of the menu, and select reload.

Suggestion #3: Make sure the microphone isn't muted on the keyboard

The F4 key on the student devices also doubles as the microphone mute button. If the microphone is muted, this key will have a light illuminated. If this light is illuminated indicated the microphone muted, user must hold the Fn key + the F4 key at the same time to re-enable the microphone.


If after attempting all these steps and the microphone still doesn't work. Students should schedule an appointment with the Technology Department by using the appointment scheduler located on the school website (Departments menu > Technology > Technology Appointment Scheduler).